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Rabbi Norman Berlat

Date of Death: Friday, March 31, 2017
Yartzheit Day: 4 Nisan
Date of Funeral: Sunday, April 2, 2017
Time of Funeral: 9:30 a.m.
Memorial Service Location:
Synagogue service Agudath Israel of Toronto Congregation 129 McGillivray Ave, Toronto, ON M5M, Canada View Larger Map
Burial Location:
Israel Israel View Larger Map
Shiva Location:
120 Shelborne Ave, #507 120 Shelborne Ave, North York, ON M6B 2M7, Canada View Larger Map
Shiva Details: Shiva begins Tuesday, April 4th.

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Message of Condolence

Rabbi Geoffrey Haber
Reply Report
I was saddened to learn of the passing of my teacher, colleague and friend, Rabbi Norman (Nachum) Berlat. I pray that G-d provides you with the strength to find comfort during this time of trial and bereavement. I am confident that the noble deeds and cherished memories you have will be a source of comfort to you and will serve as a blessing and example in your lives. May your friends and family be a source of comfort and strength for you and may you soon know peace.
Sharon Bizouati
Reply Report
I was saddened to learn of Rabbi Berlat's passing. He truly was a gentleman and scholar. We worked together at Baycrest for so many years. When he would come by my office to visit it was always with a huge smile and first thing he would ask me how I was and my family. The world has lost a special person. Sincere condolences to his family. Cherish the memories
Donna Steinberg
Reply Report
So sorry to hear of Rabbi Berlat's passing. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. I worked with Rabbi Berlat at Baycrest for many years and always looked forward to our daily conversations and his joke of the day.
Janice Lebow
Reply Report
Miriam and family: I was so saddened to hear of Rabbi Berlat's petira. He was such a sweet man, full of joy and a lovely sense of humour, kind and humble. May your memories of him sustain you for all time. He was so sensitive and caring in his dealings with all people and he really seemed such a part of the most humane architecture of Baycrest chaplancy. I always enjoyed conversations with him wherever I met him...a simcha, on the street, during my volunteering at Baycrest all those years ago and many other times throughout the years. When he was ill, I had him in my prayers as well. May you be comforted with all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and know no more sorrow. I will do my best to get to the shiva. My heart is with you Miriam and with your son. Janice
Marcia Sokolowski
Reply Report
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Rabbi Berlat, who I was fortunate to know as a dear colleague. He was a true mensch, so supportive, warm, compassionate and intelligent. He will be sorely missed by so many whose lives he profoundly touched. May his memory be a blessing.
Rabbi Rena Arshinoff
Reply Report
I am so very saddened to lose such a dear friend, teacher, and colleague. Nachum and I shared many conversations and learning sessions together. He was so highly respected by patients, colleagues, and students and greatly loved. He was a true chaplain and taught many how to listen and extend support. Zichrono livracha - may his memory be for a blessing. My sincere condolences to Rochel and Hillel and their extended family.
Harvey Poch
Reply Report
Dear Rochel, How sad Miriam and I are to learn of Reb Nachum's passing. We remember well our joint High Holyday services at Baycrest and your hospitality then. Nachum and I had several opportunities to meet, shmooze and serve together over the years, and my children (who are now parents themselves) still use and treasure siddurim which he gave them way back then. May his neshama find its eternal rest, and may your memories always be at least as pleasant as our own. HaMokom yinachem. ... Harvey Poch
Cyndee Grossman
Reply Report
My deepest condolences. I'll miss Rabbi B's jokes and friendly face but will remember him with fondness and respect.
Avi Stavsky
Reply Report
73s to my good friend VE3NRB from his fellow amateur radio operator Avi Stavsky, KE6OCM.
Sheri Jonas
Reply Report
May God console you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem (Ha’makom yenahem etkhem betokh she’ar avelei Tziyonvi’Yerushalayim). Rabbi Berlat was a Tzaddik. He will be missed by many. May your memories help you through the difficult times.
Rosemary Fromm
Reply Report
Dear Roz & Hillel; So sorry to hear about Rabbi Berlat's passsing. He was such a wonderful human being, full of humour and most of all always empathetic to all he touched. He was a great friend to me during the time we worked together at Baycrest & we still kept in touch during our retirements! He will surely be missed. My condolences to you all and your family. We lost a great, great man. He is no longer suffering and in no pain. I will ALWAYS remember this kindly, gentle man who was dear to me.
Shairose Kara
Reply Report
I am very saddened by the news as he taught me so much and was always a pleasure to sit with and learn from him. I will always remember him for his wonderful jokes and lessons that he taught. Rest in Peace.
Selina Chan
Reply Report
Miriam and family: I am so sorry for your loss. Rabbi Berlat was a kind man with a gentle soul. He always had a way to turn negatives into positives and make others around him laugh and feel at ease. He will be missed. My sincere condolences. May you find comfort and peace during this time.
Elaine Nagy
Reply Report
I was sad to hear of the death of Rabbi Berlat. I will never forget how kind and generous he was towards me when I was starting out as a clinical supervisor and had so many questions. I remember him as a man of deep faith who was nevertheless very flexible and willing to bear great inconvenience in order to be of help and support to others. I fondly recall what a joyful spirit he had. I know he will be deeply missed in the Clinical Pastoral Education community. My heart goes out to his family.
Shoshana Yaakobi
Reply Report
To the family of the late Rabbi Berlat, My sincere condolences & sympathy on the passing of Rabbi Berlat. He was a very special person - a real Mensch and will be missed by all who knew him. May his memory be blessed.
Al Reinstein
Reply Report
We were deeply saddeded to hear of the good Rabbi's death. He was a loyal friend to my father when he was a resident of Baycrest. Our family felt very honoured when Rabbi Berlat recommended that we donate the Paroches for the shul/ Our hope is that the pain your family is feeling now will soon pass. Gayle and Al Reinstein
Sholom Glouberman
Reply Report
So sorry to learn of Nachum's passing. He was a wonderful colleague and a good friend. He kept all of us aware of his New York Yiddish heritage and his good humour infected us all. Sholom
sandra winiarz
Reply Report
My husbandz"l had found memories of Rabbi Berlatt in their Columbus Ohio days. I remember contact with him was always pleasant. MY your family be comforted with all the mourners of Zion and Yerushalyim Sandra Winiarz
Mara Swartz
Reply Report
I was sadden to learn of Rabbi Berlat's passing. He was a friend, teacher and supporter in many areas of my work and family life. He left a lasting impression on the lives he touched. He will be missed by many. Condolences to the Berlat family.
Reply Report
So sorry to hear of the passing of Rabbi Berlat- Nachum. Over the years we got to know Norman well and I have always found him to be delightfully witty and brilliant at the same time. Every conversation with him was enlightening.
Mindy Zeiger
Reply Report
I did an internship in clinical dietetics at Lutheran General Hospital in the 1970's. Rabbi Berlat was a great help to me in many ways. He was easy to approach and willing to help. When I graduated from my internship, he made sure that Kosher food was available for my family and myself at the graduation. Forty years later I still remember his kindness. May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Michael Singer
Reply Report
The world has lost a wonderful human being. One of the nicest, kindest, most caring, tolerant, generous of spirit, intelligent human beings one could possibly meet. I have lost a great friend. My condolences to Ros and Hillel.
Lynette Metalin
Reply Report
I was very sad to hear of Rabbi Berlat's passing. He was not only a friend to myself, but my whole family. We will miss his wisdom and his humour. Love, Lynette, Sam, Joshua & Rachel Metalin
Debby Vigoda
Reply Report
I was saddened to hear of Rabbi Berlet's death. He was an inspiration to many of us - as teacher, mentor, role model and dear friend. The entire community benefited from his leadership - not only the Jewish community, but the broadere community. Debby Vigoda
Howard Davy
Reply Report
Dear Roz and Hillel, Norm was one of my friendliest friends ever, and I have had the privilege of his friendship for over 40 years, in Minnesota, Illinois, and here in Toronto. He shared so much yiddishkeit and derech eretz and kindness and our mutual hobby of amateur radio together. His memory is sure to be an inspiration that will live on as he touched so many hearts. I was fortunate to have visited with him recently and to have received a phone call from his recently where he took time to carefully answer a torah question that I had posed to him. May HaShem comfort you. Your friend, Howard Davy
Howard Davy
Reply Report
And 73 to my dear friend, Norm, who had remarkable cw skill and A1 op skill. I'll always cherish our cw qso'ing. from Howard VE3AXD
Daphna Grossman
Reply Report
I am so saddened to hear about Rabbi Berlat's passing. I had the honour of working with Rabbi Berlat at Baycrest. He was not only a colleague but a mentor and a teacher, enriching me with his words and thoughts that were full of kindness and wisdom. His passing is a true loss to our community. May his memory be a source of strength and inspiration to his family and to all those who worked with him and learned from him. May his memory be for a blessing.
Margaret MacAdam
Reply Report
Dear Roz, I worked with Rabbi Berlat for many years at Baycrest. He was a true chaplain for so many residents, family members and staff. All my sympathy during this time of sorrow.
Mary Batalion
Reply Report
Dear Roz and Hillel, I am so sorry and saddened to hear that Rabbi Berlat has passed away. I was his secretary many years ago at Baycrest and he was a wonderful human being. He also officiated at my father's funeral and helped me and my family through a difficult time. He was a true mensch with a great sense of humour. May he rest in peace.
Althea Shaw
Reply Report
To the family and friends of Rabbi Berlat, I would like to wish my sincere condolences. He will be missed, he was such a great teacher. I have learned a lot from him over the years. My deepest sympathies, may you all be comforted with the joy of his memories. RIP Rabbi Berlat.
Kris Kirsch-Stivrins, Social Worker,Baycrest Palliative Care
Reply Report
Rabbi Berlat- wisdom, kindness, compassion, respect, knowledge, caring... and humour.....
Rabbi Cary Kozberg
Reply Report
Nachum was immensely helpful to me almost 30 years when I began my chaplaincy with older adults. When I contacted him and asked him what I should do to be most effective, he simply said: Just love them. We've lost a good, kind, man...Zikhrono barukh.
Debbie Cohen-Benudiz
Reply Report
Dear family. I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Rabbi Berlat for over 25 years. He was my colleague at Baycrest where we enjoyed his visits to the clinic. More than that, he was there to offer support and guidance for my family for the care of my zadie, father and mother who all resided and passed in Baycrest. He was a special person. BDE.
ahmed shoo
Reply Report
Rest in peace Rabai
Eleanor & Lawrence Richmond VECFB
Reply Report
My husband was a patient at Baycrest and I noticed the radio antenna on the building. I was surprised and found it humorous to find that the friendly Rabbi Berlat was also a Ham.May he rest in peace in Gan Eden and may you neverknow any more sorrow.
Paula Ferreira
Reply Report
I'm so very sorry to hear of Rabbi Berlat's passing. He was a truly wonderful person and a great friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sadness and sending you all my sincerest condolences. May he rest in eternal peace.
Reply Report
Howard Mammon
Reply Report
Rabbi Berlat, z'tl, was such a unique and special person. The Rabbi excelled in the care of others because the Rabbi always put others first. I have such fond memories of our time together while I worked at Baycrest. I know that the Rabbi worked tirelessly, and sometimes at all hours, to tend to those who needed help. We were very privileged to have Rabbi Berlat assist us with the religious consecration of Pardes Chaim Cemetery in 2010. The Rabbi's words and blowing of the shofar continue to reverberate in the minds of those people who were in attendance on that memorable day. I will very much miss the Rabbi's incredible wisdom, humour and kindness. I was so blessed to have the Rabbi as a friend and as a mentor. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ‎
Janis Sternhill
Reply Report
My deepest condolences to the Berlat family on the loss of such a wonderful man, Rabbi, mensch, and comedian. I will miss his humour and kind words. He was a wonderful support to everyone at Baycrest. When he retired he continued as Rabbi Emeritus and volunteer. He will be truly missed. May his memory be a blessing.
Syrelle Bernstein
Reply Report
I was so sad to hear of Rabbi Berlats passing. I always enjoyed his visits to my office when I worked at Baycrest.Prior to those years he was a great dinner partner with my husband when Stan came to volunteer at Baycrest.He started the first chaplaincy volunteer program with me. What a sensitive, intelligent and compassionate mentor and teacher he was. He will be truly missed. My thoughts are with his family. How lucky we we're all to have had him in our lives.
Rosalee Berlin
Reply Report
My deepest condolences to the Berlat family on the loss of such a kind caring rabbi, chaplain, colleague and mensch. I enjoyed working with Rabbi at Baycrest and always found him so helpful and thoughtful. He was especially compassionate to me on the passing of my mom at Baycrest and I will always cherish his warm kind support. May you all be comforted by your wonderful memories.
marshall deltoff
Reply Report
I was very saddened to hear of the Rav's passing. Rabbi Berlat was a warm, friendly, approachable gentleman. I had the distinct privilege of spending numerous Shabbats and Yom Tovim davening with him at Baycrest for many years. I particularly looked forward to his clear, editorial drashas every Shabbat, and his classes with the residents. His intellectual honesty was refreshing, and he personified the optimal hybrid of scientist and religious man, because, to him, EVERYTHING was Torah. I respected him and was truly blessed that I got to know him and spend time with him. He had the toughest rabbinical position in the city, and constantly performed above and beyond. He helped me so much when my mom passed. Rabbi Berlat was a true mentsch.
Barbara and Marvin Vinar
Reply Report
Dear Roz and Hillel, We're so sorry to learn that Nachum was nifter. We still think back to when we first met you both when Nachum took a post in Columbus as a young assistant rabbi. His enthusiasm, his friendliness, his positive outlook, his wide ranch of interests and knowledge, his love of teaching, his desire to help others, and his humbleness spoke loudly about his neshama. We've been privileged to have known Nachum all these years and to have kept up our friendship and contact with him and with you. May his neshama have an aliyah and may you know only simchas in the future. With deep sorrow, Barbara and Marvin
Terry and Marty McAndrew
Reply Report
We are saddened to learn of the passing Rabbi Berlat. He was a kind and gentle men. Full of wisdom and knowledge. We hope that you find strength and comfort during this time. We meet the Rabbi at Baycrest more than 15 years ago. He was a shining example of a kind human being. We wish you peace and no more sorrow.
Jonathan witchel
Reply Report
S. Kazum
Reply Report
A very kind and patient individual who was always willing to listen and help. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
Lillian Mendelsohn
Reply Report
Dear Roz and Hillel-Eric and I are very sad to hear of the passing of your dear Nachum. i was honoured to have worked with Rabbi Berlat at Baycrest . May his memory be a blessing.
Gail Brickman
Reply Report
I’m so very sorry to hear of Rabbi Berlat's passing. My sincerest condolences to his family. My family was so fortunate to have had met Rabbi Berlat at Lutheran General Hospital in the early 80’s. His genuine compassion was what helped my brother to pass on from this world. He sat by my brother Mark’s side for almost 2 years preparing him for his next journey. Rabbi Berlat was truly a gem.
Dr. David L. Streiner
Reply Report
The world is a much poorer place after the death of the rabbi. He was a scholar, but even more, he was a wise and extremely warm person. While believing deeply and lovingly of Judaism, his compassion for the residents of Baycrest always came first. He will be greatly missed by them and by everyone he touched.
Anne Max
Reply Report
I was very sad to hear of the loss of Rabbi Berlat. He was a true mensch and I enjoyed working with him. He was always so supportive to our patients, their families and the staff members who work here. May his memory be a blessing.
Joy Cohen
Reply Report
Norm, thank you for your friendship, guidance and for all that you have done to help others and particularly for helping me in my own spiritual journey. Joy Cohen, Calgary, AB
Rabbi Doug Zelden
Reply Report
My deepest condolences to Roz & Hillel!! He was a dear friend and will be missed by all. BD"E

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