Sol Gerald “Gerry” Wapnah, 1934-2020

Sol Gerald “Gerry” Wapnah was born on September 26th 1934 in London, England. Gerry was loved very deeply by his parents. He was noted to be quite spoiled by both his parents and his sisters as not only the youngest, but the only boy of the family. Gerry was the apple of his parents’ eyes. Gerry’s parents were also very dear to him, often the content of his favourite memories and stories. Gerry grew up in London, but, being impacted by the devastation of the Second World War, he and his family emigrated to Canada when he was just thirteen.  He, his sisters, and his parents made a beautiful life for themselves in their new home. It is here where he and his sisters met their partners and spouses. In Canada, Gerry and sisters Shirley, ‘Patsy’ and ‘Pearly’ grew a large and loving family.

Gerry took all the opportunities given to him by his supportive family to live his life with fullness and adventure. He was a dance instructor and had a love of music. He was a small business owner, having many establishments throughout his life from wrought iron and candle manufacture, to San Francesco Sandwiches, to billiard halls. He was a gemologist, and a prominent buyer for People’s Jewelers. He often traveled to the far east to select merchandise. In his later career he became a distinguished Realtor in the Toronto region. As respected member of the Toronto Real Estate Board from 1982, he was elected as member of the Board of Directors in 1996.

Gerry departed from this life peacefully on November 26th 2020 at the age of 86. Gerry passed in the company of his beloved common-law-spouse Katherine Brown. Gerry will be greatly missed by his spouse, his common-law-daughter Vanessa Brown and her husband David Mohamed. He will also be fondly remembered by his three sisters, Pearl Glatt, Pat Silver, Shirley Vanderheym and their families. Gerry was a loving brother, uncle, and son. Gerry was also a wonderful partner and father figure. His smile was comforting to all that knew and loved him. He had a very special love for life, an abundant sense of humour, and shared his joy and warmth with his family and friends. He was a source of great happiness especially for Katherine, his ‘Sweetheart’ and Vanessa, ‘his Vanilla.’ He ensured that they always felt loved. He continues renew their hope, courage, and compassion even in death. We, his family, and his friends will take Gerry with us in our hearts, always.