In the early hours of Tuesday, December 8, 2015 after a year long illness Gitel Rosensweig passed away peacefully at North York General.
Gitel was born on May 2, 1930 on Oxford Street in Toronto to Moishe Chaim and Hinda Flicht. She has two brothers, Morris –and Mike. Gitel led a vibrant and spiritually illustrious life and in the early 50s married the handsome, Rabbi Shragah Phyvle Rosensweig a Toronto Jewish activist.
Together the couple built a vibrant Jewish community in Kitchener, Ontario while raising their five children, Etti, Chavi, Naomi, Leahle and Avrum.
Gitel was an active rebbetzin frequently caring for the needs of Beth Jacob synagogue’s congregants, teaching in the Hebrew school and maintaining a warm and inviting home where many people in need would end up living. Thousands of people both Jewish and non-Jewish were touched by her graciousness and generosity of spirit. She had a great love of Torah learning and all things Jewish.
In 1989 at 61 years old Shragah Phyvle passed away. A few years later Gitel married Dr. Marcus Weinberger. Together the two traveled the world to exotic places like the Galapagos Island, Ireland and Wales.
Gitel had a particular love for Israel and visited it countless times over the years visiting her eldest daughter and six children in Jerusalem. She was very supportive of many charities in Israel and the diaspora. Gitel had 25 grandchildren and thirty-two great grandchildren and she was passionate about old movies.
Her family is grateful to the ICU and Emergency medical staff at North York General particularly Drs. Champagne and Sanders. They would also like to extend their thanks to Dr. Bradley Strauss of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Network, a longtime family friend.
Donations can be made to Nishma (416-630-0588) or Ve’ahavta (416-964-7698).