The funeral service will be live-streamed. Please go to on Friday, January 28th, 2022 at 10:55 a.m.

My mother, Chaya Rachel – the most beautiful and strong woman I will ever know. My best friend for life. Her love for me, so pure and powerful – beyond words.Always welcoming with smiles and jokes for strangers, never missing the chance to offer encouraging ideas and insightful thoughts to anyone ready to step up to the plate of living life fully. She empowered others to be their best selves, and loving of humanity. Always standing for ideas that we can all get behind, and never sitting down in the face of injustice. Her life was devoted to establishing equal rights for everyone. My mother – a trailblazer who taught us all to go after what matters most no matter when the opportunity or strength to do arises.She let me love her. I love her so much. Through good and every single bad she’s always there for me. I’m beyond devastated that I was kept from her side, to hold her beautiful hands, and look deep into her green eyes when she needed me most, and for our last time. Yet she stays with me always and forever. I’ll never let her memorydie. She is with Hashem and her parents now. I am so blessed to be her Scoofy Princess daughter. Forever and always. I love you so much Eema – my mommy.