Howard Cary Obornick

February 21st 1961 – October 22nd, 2022.

 Fondly remembered by his wife, Cheryl Obornick, his children, Adam Obornick (Krishma), Shane Obornick (Alli), Rachelle Gregory (Frank), Kate Anderson, and Caroline Anderson. His siblings, Susan Sherwood (Brian), Jeff Obornick, and Laurie Steinberg (Jerry). His nephew and nieces, Thomas Sherwood (Shauna),  Ashley Savage (Tyler), and Tori Morrison.

Predeceased by his father Tony Obornick and his mother Eve Obornick (Greenblat).

Howard joined the Toronto Police Services in 1981. For 37 years on the force he was loved and well respected by all. Howard retired in February 2018.

Those who knew him, knew he was a very quiet man. Although quiet, Howard was a get it done guy, strong but silent; mentally, emotionally, and physically, there was no task he couldn’t complete, figure out, or assist with, a true jack of all trades. It’s rare to find a person with truly no flaws, but with Howard, it would be extremely difficult to find one with his strive for perfection and efficiency, in the most cost-effective way. Above all, he was a dedicated husband, father, and absolute mensch in society.

From his love of technology, starting with listening to the Police scanner on his days off, which eventually progressed to expertise in Apple products, there was no issue he couldn’t troubleshoot for his family and friends. No chore was below him, no challenge intimidated him, he would try his best to help even if it was at his own inconvenience; (you’d know this because he’d tell you about it later).

In his later years, Howard was a man of adventure, from his frequent trips to Mexico, and tropical destinations, he was just only starting his dream of seeing the world as he wanted to with his beloved wife.

Can Howard be described in a single obituary? Impossible, such a man with the utmost integrity, astute knowledge, exceptional advice, and a logical way of thinking that was unmatched until his last words with his family surrounding him at his bed side; “it is what it is”. Never making anything out to be more than it is, and strictly sticking to just the facts, it was at this time when one of the greatest souls to ever grace the surface of the Earth, was gone, and will be, forever missed.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund

(416) 502-8711