It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share the sad news that our beloved father Isaac (Izzy/Zyskind) Bocher, brother to Rick Bocher and Helen Chen, father-in-law to Berkley Miller, grandfather to Autumn Rachel Love Bocher, uncle to Josh Bocher, Jake Chen, Mark Chen, and Orly Azraty, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in the early morning of June 4th, 2021.

As we eulogize our father, putting to paper all the things that defined him is heart wrenching.  The below list does not even begin to highlight all of the unique things that made him the amazing person that he was, and the fond memories that those who knew him are left sharing.


  • Animal lover who’s dog Mylo will miss lying with, and profusely kissing him.

  • Music lover and efficienado.

  • Master at trivial pursuit and crossword puzzles.

  • Loved to collect, buy, and sell his tchotchkes (knickknacks).

  • Garage sale enthusiast.

  • Jack of all trades, master of none.

  • Always knew the right thing to say to make your day better while ensuring he left a lasting impression.

  • Knew how to perfectly use sarcasm while also proving its ability to be used for comedy.

  • Was a keen believer of the notion that “Chicken soup is for losers”.

  • Told people that “bezzball is bery bery good for you” because he loved his baseball.

  • That doesn’t mean he didn’t love hockey either.

  • Pun master!  Actually, maybe even the punniest guy around.


Izzy would understand our sadness over losing him and our need to mourn this great loss, but he would expect us to work passionately towards following our dreams while treating each other with kindness, compassion and love.

Thinking about you forever and always, your sons, Orrin and Eric Bocher (YOB and YEB).

Memorial donations may be made to The Jewish Family and Child Foundation by visiting