The funeral will be live streamed on Thursday, February 4 at 12 p.m. at

Finkelshtain, Jenny – On Tuesday, February 3rd at midnight on the dot, Jenny Finkelshtain passed away peacefully and gracefully in her sleep. Jenny built a beautiful family alongside Reuben, her beloved husband of 56 years. She was surrounded by love until her last moments, and always made sure to give more than she received.

Jenny was a fighter in every sense of the word. She moved to Canada with nothing but the clothes on her back and the stories of her ancestors. She lost her beloved son, Sam Finkelshtain, who she can now be reunited with. Battling cancer on five separate occasions, and all the other hardships she faced, she found a way to embrace every day with a smile. Jenny was a light on a dark day to anybody who had the pleasure of getting to know her and the positivity that radiated from her presence could be felt in any situation.

Jenny will be missed dearly by Her Husband Reuben Finkelshtain, her Daughter, Tammy, her Son-In Law, Boris Zilberberg, as well as her Daughter-In-Law, Marylin Finkelshtain. Jenny will always be revered as a strong and loving Grandmother by Sierra, Hayden, Hailey, and Mason. Her passing will also be deeply felt by her sister and Brother-In-Law, Esther and Jeffery Mosoff, along with their children Heather and Stacey. Jennys memory will always be a blessing to the hundreds of friends and family members she touched. She will be immortalized by the memories she created and the lives that she changed.

Rest In Paradise Jenny. You were the warmest, classiest and sharpest person we’ve ever known.