February 5, 1930 – December 14, 2017
Judah Smolack passed away peacefully on
December 14th, 2017, at the Sharon Home in
Winnipeg with his son by his side. He will be
greatly missed by his son and family, his
three sisters in Toronto and Israel, as well as
his nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.
Judah was born and raised in Toronto, and
moved as a teenager to New York City where
he attended Torah V’daas Yeshiva and
embarked upon life as a Cantor. Judah met
his wife in Philadelphia where he began his
career, and soon after that they moved to
start their new life in Winnipeg. In 1976,
Judah and his wife Libby joyfully welcomed
their baby boy, Yaakov (Kovi), who they
described as their greatest joy. That is until
they welcomed their first grandchild Joey in
2002 and Lily almost seven years later. Being
grandparents brought them both
tremendous joy, and being Zaide to Joey and
Lily was a role Judah truly embraced.
Judah was deeply committed to Synagogue
and Jewish life, and he made connections
through his work with adults and young
people who remained a part of his life until his
passing. Throughout his more than 25 years
as the Cantor at the Etz Chaim, Judah was
meticulous about his work and most
dedicated to his congregants and to his
He truly embraced life as a Cantor which
encompassed the perfect combination of his
deep commitment to his faith, and his
intense spiritual connection to music. His
appreciation of music extended into opera
and classical selections and over the years he
acquired a collection that brought him
comfort and enjoyment after the death of his
wife in 2008.
A graveside funeral service will be held at
Bathurst Lawn Cemetery, Husiantiner Klaus
Section, on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017.
Please call Steeles Memorial Chapel at
905-881-6003 for time of service.
A memorial service will take place in
Winnipeg on December 20th at the Herzlia
Synagogue, 620 Brock Street, at 10am.

Memorial donations may be made to Simkin Centre

in Winnipeg at 204-586-9781.