Krystyna Lagowski
November 18 1956  October 22 2023
Krystyna died suddenly in her home from natural causes.  She had surgery over a month  ago. Everything seemed to have been progressing  normally until this happened.
Krysia was a remarkable and talented writer and journalist who wrote on many topics. Her specialty was cars. You could ask her almost any question about cars and she would know the answer. Her articles were published in many journalsShe was currently working on EV cars and car battery issues for the Globe and Mail and had published a number of successful stories.
She had previously written several articles about her mother‘s experiences in the Holocaust. Krysia had also given many talks to Jewish groups on this topic.
Krystyna was a huge fan of Barbra Streisand. Krystyna  called Barbra her rabbi and was enamoured by her singing. She particularly liked Barbra’s renditions of classic Jewish themed songs.
Krysia adored  cats. Her latest two cats, Hubbell and Tosca,  were her pride and joy. Over the years she had accumulated many prizes for her beautiful burmese and burmillas.
She was born and grew up in the Toronto region and was very knowledgeable about what was going on. She  lived for many years close to  the St. Lawrence market and loved to buy her food there. Krysia lived in a co-op in the neighbourhood and actively participated in helping the co-op.
Krysia was also very proud of her Polish background and enjoyed its culture and cuisine. She spoke Polish and was uptodate on Polish affairs. She was thrilled that  a new more democratic coalition had just won the Polish elections a few weeks ago.
Krysia had a joie de vivre which enthralled everyone who knew her.
Krystyna will be sadly missed by her  friends and relatives.
Family and Friends are invited back to 25 Lower Links Rd., Toronto after the service.
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