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In Loving Memory of Leslie Zulauf
It is with profound sadness that we share the tragic news of the sudden passing of Leslie Alan Zulauf.
Beloved husband of Akiko and father of baby Noah Sol, father of beautiful Nicole and musical Jonah, and co-parent with Sandra Lora. Beloved brother of Debra Stuart and Randi Goodman, brother-in-law of Erwin and friend to Ron, uncle to Lindsay and Coby, Daniel and Jenn and Matthew and Kate, lovable great uncle, and son of the late Bella and Sol.
A Schulich MBA grad, Les lived life to the fullest. Inherently curious about people and foreign cultures, he explored the world. He had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and to connect with people. Les taught business and ESL in Tokyo, Japan and Cali Colombia. He was a brilliant visionary and successful serial entrepreneur who boldly ventured where others never thought to.
One of his online posts reads, “My career in small enterprise started when I was 11, collecting tips in exchange for carrying people’s grocery bags to their cars. I admire anyone who has the guts to start their own business.”
Les started a school, opened a restaurant and ran for political office, and did it all with gusto. He dreamed big but also had the courage, capability and determination to pursue his dreams, and was admired for his indomitable spirit by all those who knew him. Les was passionately dedicated to developing innovative business enterprises in education and international travel, and embraced the opportunity to launch his latest start-up and, in his own words, “sharing this vision and bringing it to life!”
Les was an unbridled creative thinker, with a wicked quick wit and innate musical talent for song writing and playing self-taught guitar. Some of his best times were spent belting out tunes at jam sessions with his childhood friends, who in younger days joined him on the road to follow Springsteen live in concert. Les loved cottage life, golfing with his buddies, and camping under the Algonquin stars. He was a free-spirited world traveller, always seeking out life’s next great adventure. Les was tall, dark and handsome, with great dance moves and all the right questions on Jeopardy.
Gregarious and fun loving, Les adored his children and loved family gatherings where everyone would be together, and he could have a L’chaim with his Dad. He was a people magnet with a million friends and cherished his close friendships, many of which were nurtured from kindergarten.
He was a deep and sensitive soul, and a man of few words. Les was a great father and loved his children with all his heart. They are his greatest legacy. Gone too soon, we love you Les. You were one of a kind. You will be loved and missed forever by all those whose lives you touched.