MOISHE MAURICE GRAFSTEIN ascended on Shabbat, Friday, October 26, 2007.rnMoishe Grafstein will always be dearly remembered as the beloved and devoted husband of Faye Grafstein, rnloving father of Yerachmiel, Shlomo Z. Elazer, Nachum, Sarah Leah, Temi Grafstein rnand Liba Weiss. He was blessed to be the cherished Zayda of 16 grandchildren rnand 3 great grandchildren. Hesped was held on Sunday at Steeles Memorial Chapel, burial in Jerusalem. rnMoishe Grafstein led a life of love, hard work and devotion to his family.rnA true mench, he was committed to Torah, mitzvot, good deeds and gemilus chassadim.rnHe humbly served as the Rosh Chevra Kadisha and on the the Executive Board of Steeles Memorial. rnHe also served in the Royal Canadian Air-force. rnMoishe was a life-long member of the Chevrah Shas and an extraordinary baal tekayah. rnHe is dearly missed by all. Zaycher tzadik livrachah.rnShiva will be held at 3636 Bathurst St., Apt 1504. Shacharit at 7:30am, Mincha at 5:45pm,rnShiva hours are 7:30am – 10am, 5:45pm – 9:00pm.rnMemorial donations may be made to Kupath Ramban, Rabbi Meyer Baal HaNes (Poland) (416) 633-1854.