On February 20th 2017 at 12:20am, a living miracle left this planet to reunite with her beloved Harry.  Neysa Berall (nee Birnbaum) lived her life as so many wish but few achieve – entirely on her own terms.  Neysa was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in April of 2008 and was given a 3-6 month life expectancy.  In true Neysa fashion, she put on her toughest resolve and said to all her family  “this disease doesn’t define me and it doesn’t make my decisions for me”.  She never ruminated on her grim prognosis, never spoke of her pain and discomfort and never allowed anyone else to either.  She attended every social event to which she was invited, every Shabbat dinner, every grandchild’s recital or hockey game or concert or engagement party and truly everything in between.  Snow storms didn’t stop her, pain and suffering didn’t slow her down – she always wanted to show her children and grandchildren that she was there for them. For years, the most prominent members of the medical community would say “we just don’t understand it – the cancer is everywhere – how can she still be carrying on?”.  They clearly didn’t know Neysa Berall.  To the very end of her life, she ensured she met every day with her hair perfectly done, her lipstick and make up perfectly applied and her nails manicured just so. She was a firm believer in the concept of looking your best to feel your best.  Neysa was a shining example that the power of positive thought can triumph over adversity.  She was a teacher by training and indeed, a teacher in life. Neysa was predeceased by her husband Harry; she was the beloved mother to Leslie, Murray and Melissa, Glenn and Darlene and Marni and Allan Morris.  Cherished Bubbie to Laura, Jason, Gillian, Jordan, Ryan, Eric, Aileen, Troy, Layla, Cole, Kaia, Carson, and Dylan.  Beloved sister of Philip Birnbaum and Diana Gaty. Memorial donations may be made to Sunnybrook Hospital, c/o Odette Cancer Centre for Breast Cancer Research (416) 480-4483.