Our dearest husband, father and grandfather, brother and uncle Samuel “Mimo” Mamann today we honor your rich and beautiful soul that radiated like the sun for 86 blessed years. Your life was all things creative, poetry, family, music and laughter. A true free spirit, You surrounded yourself with instruments and people and loved the philosophy of life. You offered the true gift of presence to all those you entertained. You leave your family and friends and almost anyone who crossed your path, a legacy of love, joy, music, tradition, loyalty and togetherness. We will miss you forever more in this lifetime and pray for the light of your eternal flame in Gan Eden. We love you. Baruch Dayan Emet.

Memorial donations may be made to the Association for the Soldiers of Israel (416-783-3053).

Shabbat and mornings prayers will be at Magen David Sephardic