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On Thursday June 6th, Sandra Czarny, went on her journey to find the healing and rest that her body was no longer able to provide her. Mother of Abigail, Jonah, Eden and Zuche; spouse of Gary Goyette; daughter of Rita and Samy; sister of David.

She left this world surrounded by people who loved her after days of being with so many friends and family. Her bedside had a constant flow of love through text messages from those who Sandra loved and who, most importantly to her now, she brought into her family’s lives to love them.

For Sandra, we must each find our own ways to focus the love we have for her into love and light for her family. As we all learn to navigate the world without her, I know that it was her biggest hope that her children will always know her. So now we all have the honour of keeping those memories alive for her family, sharing some of the light she gave us with her family.

Not just in the coming days and weeks, but every time we think of her, every time we miss her, every time we see her light shining in every one of her kids, we must remember her with them and share all the ways she brought us joy. This is now part of our path in honouring her.



Memorial donations may be made to Chai Lifeline Canada ( or to Melanie’s Way (