The funeral service will take place at the Viewmount Shul (Congregation Toras Emes) at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 5th, 2023. Burial to follow at Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park.


Shiva Schedule:

40 Prue Ave., Toronto, M6B 1R4

No visitors please:12:00-1:006:45-7:45After 10:30

SundayMincha 6:00

Monday (תענית אסתר)Shachris 7:30Mincha 5:45Maariv (then Megillah) 6:50Tuesday (פורים)Shachris 7:30Mincha 3:00Maariv 7:00WednesdayShachris 7:30Mincha 6:00ThursdayShachris 7:30Mincha 6:00FridayShachris 7:30Mincha 1:00