The funeral with be livestreamed here

Vera Broytman’s very existence was an act of faith – she was born during the war — as was her name – ‘vera’ means faith in Russian. She carried that faith with her, no matter what trials and tribulations life threw at her. And she shared that faith freely with others, always generous with her help, support and encouragement.

Vera always rose above the mundane – she was an avid reader, enjoyed art and attended classical music concerts. Before her health kept her closer to home, she travelled extensively with her husband Israel.

Vera was full of integrity, honest to a fault, fiercely loyal to those she loved and devoted to her family. That love is what defined her existence.

Having graduated from the Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia, Vera worked as a librarian for many years. After coming to Canada, Vera became a banking customer representative.

Vera is survived by her husband Israel and her daughter Dusya.

In memoriam donations can be made in her name to B’Nai Brith of Canada.