Zelda Lewin Krupski passed on March 2, at 7.30 pm after a long life and a short illness. She was born in 1921 in Eishyshok, a small Jewish town in the Polish part of Lithuania. She was the oldest child of Tamara and Mane Lewin. She married Boruch Krupski at the age of 18, in 1939 just before the German invasion and left home with him to flee her town. She was the only survivor of her family who were brutally murdered by the Germans. There were almost no survivors of her town, which is the featured town at the American Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., featured because it exemplified the brutality of the Holocaust. My mother also lost 2 children during the war.

She survived the Holocaust after much suffering and also suffered from PTSD, although that term did not exist then. Although I was a small child, I remember her tears. But with determination she and Boruch built a good life in Canada, had two children, Aaron and Tobie and 4 grandchildren, Zachary, Nicole, Daniel and Elan. She was a devoted and loving mother, always trying her best for her children and a doting grandmother. She will be missed by her adoring family and will forever remain in our memories.

Memorial donations may be made to the Association for the Soldiers of Israel (416) 783-3053.